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A look at 2017 Cubs postseason tickets

Season-ticket holders got their tickets delivered Friday afternoon.

It’s almost here!

The Cubs still have business to take care of before they can officially punch their ticket to the 2017 MLB postseason, but with a magic number of six, things are getting very close to reality.

Friday afternoon, season-ticket holders received their tickets by FedEx, and thus I can show you what they look like. Rather than scan my own tickets and have to block out the barcodes and other personal information, here’s the back of the information sheet the Cubs sent with the tickets that shows all of them:

These are all similar in format and size to what was sent out last year; the only real difference is in the type font used and the background on the World Series tickets. Other teams’ STH get theirs in something resembling their own team colors, if I’m not mistaken. Click here for a larger view of the image above.

The Cubs’ info sheet reminds everyone to take the correct ticket to the game, to not detach either of the two ticket stubs, and also that if you use the Ballpark phone app, these tickets are also available as mobile tickets. That could be useful if you want to keep the entire sheet intact.

Lastly, and I cannot emphasize this enough, here is a warning posted at the end of the Cubs’ fact sheet (boldface as on the sheet):

Please do not share or post your ticket’s unique barcode online. To help prevent the unintended or fraudulent resale of your postseason ticket(s), refrain from sharing images that reveal your ticket’s unique barcode letters and numbers. Please note, if you do share your barcodes, the Cubs will not be responsible for resulting use by third parties.

I know, everyone gets excited to show off their postseason tickets, but if you do want to do this via social media, please cover up the barcodes. It’s for your own protection.

As in past years, I hope I get to use almost all of these! Presuming the Cubs do win the N.L. Central, the wild-card game ticket won’t be needed, and also assuming the Cubs play the Nationals and Washington has the better record, the “Home Game 3” ticket for the division series won’t be needed either. Season-ticket holders could opt for a refund for those, or a credit for next year’s season tickets. Since I plan to renew, I opted for the credit.