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With two days to go, here are the remaining MLB postseason possibilities

Not everything for October has been wrapped up quite yet.

Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

We’ve been looking at a Cubs/Nationals postseason matchup for what seems like months, and it became official Wednesday when the Cubs clinched the N.L. Central title.

There are, however, some playoff positions and matchups that are still up for grabs with two days remaining in the regular season.

National League

The Rockies defeated the Dodgers 9-1 Friday night, clinching a tie for the second wild-card spot. One more Rockies win or one Brewers loss puts Colorado in the wild-card game against the Diamondbacks. That game will be played in Phoenix Wednesday, October 4.

If the Brewers and Rockies do wind up tied after Sunday, they’d play a tiebreaker game Monday evening. That game would be in Denver.

American League

The Red Sox, who appeared to be coasting to the A.L. East title a few days ago — five games up with seven remaining — have lost four of their last five while the Yankees have won four of five in the same time span.

Thus the Yankees trail by two games with two remaining. New York is hosting the Blue Jays this weekend while the Red Sox host the Astros.

If the Yankees and Red Sox wind up tied after Sunday, that tiebreaker game would also be played Monday evening, in New York.

If the Red Sox do win the division, it will be the first time in franchise history they will have won the A.L. East in back-to-back seasons.

The Astros still do have something to play for. With two games remaining, they trail the Indians for the A.L.’s best record by one game. They would have to win both remaining games against Boston and Cleveland would have to lose both of their remaining games vs. the White Sox for Houston to clinch home field throughout the A.L. playoffs, as the Indians have the tiebreaker.

The Cubs

You might not think the Cubs have anything left to play for this weekend, but they do. In the league playoffs, wild cards cannot have home field. Thus if the Cubs defeat the Nats and the wild-card winner beats the Dodgers, the Cubs would have home field in the NLCS regardless of won-lost record.

The new World Series home field rules, though, give home field to the team with the better regular-season record, regardless of whether that team was a division champion or wild card. The Cubs will finish with a better record than the A.L. second wild-card Twins, and they are one game better than the Yankees and one game behind the Red Sox with two games to go. So winning out might give them a shot at a better mark than both those A.L. East teams, although both of them have the tiebreaker over the Cubs.

So, a few of the remaining regular-season games do have meaning for playoff positioning. Enjoy this final weekend of games before we all gear up for postseason play next week!