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Javier Baez is out of Monday’s Cubs lineup, but not because of blurred vision

There was a last-minute change in the lineup.

Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

This story has been updated, see below.

There wasn’t any official announcement from the Cubs about the status of Javier Baez after Sunday’s scary moment on the basepaths, but it’s clear he’s all right, given the Cubs’ lineup for Monday’s game at Pittsburgh:

This was the original lineup reported, but later, there was a change announced:

It was reported that Baez left Sunday’s game with “blurred vision” after the collision on the bases with Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies. Baez actually took himself out of the game after returning to the field for one play following the collision. That was definitely a good idea so he could get checked out.

The thumb soreness doesn’t sound serious and hopefully Javy can play tomorrow, or maybe even pinch hit today.

This is good news. As Joe Maddon said Sunday evening:

Joe’s right, of course. It’s a great relief to see that Javy is all right, even if he has to start Monday on the bench.

The full game preview will post here at 1 p.m. CT, but I thought you’d like to hear this good news now.