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2018 Chicago Cubs postseason

Yu Darvish was in Wrigley Field Tuesday, but wasn’t introduced with the team

Several other players on the DL were introduced.

Rockies 2, Cubs 1: See you in Mesa

The 2018 Cubs season ended, a lot earlier than we had hoped.

National League wild card game preview: Chicago Cubs vs. Colorado Rockies, Tuesday 10/2, 7 p.m. CT

It’s time to win or go home for the winter.

Cubs wild card game lineup: David Bote at third base

Here’s Joe Maddon’s starting nine against Kyle Freeland.

ESPN is producing an ‘alternate’ broadcast for the wild card game

It will be Statcast-focused.

National League wild card game pitching matchup: Jon Lester vs. Kyle Freeland

How will one of baseball’s most experienced postseason arms fare against a talented 25-year-old in his first postseason appearance?

MLB sets game times for the first four days of division series play

The Cubs would play the Brewers in the late afternoon Thursday.

MLB Playoffs 2018: Cubs announce wild-card game roster

Because it’s just one game... there will be a lot of relievers available for Joe Maddon.

A look back at every Cubs/Rockies game in 2018

The teams split their six games this year.

Here’s your chance to register for a Cubs postseason ticket opportunity

It’ll cost some money, but the $ is applicable to a ticket purchase if you get chosen, refunded if you don’t.

Let’s talk about the Cubs’ postseason roster

There are going to be some tough choices here.

Which team would you most want to see the Cubs face in the division series?

With the Cubs aiming for a division title, which team would be the "easiest" or "toughest" opponent?