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2018 MLB draft

2018 MLB Draft review: Unpacking the Cubs draft

Some thoughts on the draft and what’s next for the system.

2018 MLB Draft: Cubs draft recap

A rundown of the 42 players the Cubs chose in this year’s Rule 4 draft.

2018 MLB Draft: Day 2 wrap, Day 3 preview

The final 30 rounds of the draft will happen Wednesday.

2018 MLB Draft: Second-day open thread

We would still like to hear your thoughts on the draft as we head into day two.

2018 MLB Draft: Day 1 wrap, Day 2 preview

Some thoughts on who the Cubs chose on Monday, and who they will go after on Tuesday.

2018 MLB Draft: Please welcome Stanford shortstop Nico Hoerner to the Cubs

The Cubs got a college shortstop with top bat skills in the first round.

The Cubs 2018 Draft starts now!

MLB would very much like you to watch tonight’s MLB Draft. We would very much like you to discuss it here.

2018 MLB Draft, Day 1: Thoughts on the first two rounds

Some information to get you started on today’s Rule 4 draft.

Looking back at the Cubs 1st round picks

The Cubs have had some highs and lows in the first round of the MLB draft this century. The recent history has had more highs than lows.

2018 MLB Draft Prep: The draft made easier

What kind of approach should the Cubs take for this year’s draft?

2018 MLB Draft Prep: A look across the street

A peek at what one of the Cubs’ division rivals might do in this year’s draft, as well as updates on the Cubs’ possible choices.

2018 MLB Draft Prep: A consensus-free look

What’s the biggest Cubs system need going forward?

2018 MLB Draft Prep: The case for first base

Should the Cubs select a first baseman in the first round this year?

2018 MLB draft prep: A look at the 2018 Illini

And a look at some of the top college options for the Cubs in this year’s draft.

2018 MLB Draft prep: A few early thoughts on this year’s draft

It’s February, but it’s time to begin thinking about the draft.