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The first Cubs pitcher & catcher workout this year will be on Valentine’s Day

It’s just five weeks away.

Al Yellon

It’s Wednesday, January 10. (Sounds familiar...)

And at last, we have some baseball news. Not transaction news, no trades, no signings, but there is light at the end of the offseason tunnel:

In general, pitcher and catcher mandatory report day is the day before the first workout, so that’d be February 13 — just 34 days from today.

In recent years, Cubs players have begun filtering into the Sloan Park complex even before that, not long after this weekend’s convention, so there might be some informal activity there even before Valentine’s Day.

The first spring training game this year is five weeks from this Friday. The Cubs will face the Brewers February 23 at Maryvale, then open the home season at Sloan Park the next day, Saturday, February 24 against the Texas Rangers.

Hang in there. Baseball’s coming back, and sooner than you think. (Now, if the Cubs could just take care of getting that one more starting pitcher we’ve been dreaming about.)