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2018 Cubs Convention: The team’s still looking for pitching

Carl Edwards Jr. greets fans Friday at the Cubs Convention
Danny Rockett

There are still several very good starting pitchers available as free agents, and so it should not surprise you that the Cubs are still seeking to add one:

President Theo Epstein stressed patience as he and his staff try to fortify the Cubs pitching staff during what has so far been a tedious winter.

“Realistically we’d like to add another pitcher,” Epstein said Friday night as several thousand fans attended the opening ceremony of the Cubs Convention at the Sheraton Grand Chicago. “I like the talent we have now, but we can certainly add to the depth. You can do that through depth moves or through adding another real quality pitcher.

“We’ve made moves in spring training before. If it comes to that, for everyone’s sake, I hope things happen in an orderly fashion before spring training and the players can be settled. I’m done predicting this winter. It’s taken on its own life.”

Those last two sentences are interesting. Even team executives seem somewhat frustrated at this dull, signing-free offseason.

Convention sessions get underway at 9 a.m. CT with the baseball operations update. As far as I know, these sessions are not being streamed, so you’ll have to follow along via Twitter.

BCB’s Danny Rockett and Sara Sanchez are at the convention and will file reports later today, and tomorrow.

In the meantime, feel free to use this post as an open thread for convention discussion. And remember, in the words of the Deputy Mayor of Rush Street:

Game Thread Words: No
Drinking Game: Yes