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Wrigley Field construction update: January 14

Despite the cold, workers were out at Wrigley on Sunday.

BCB’s Sara Sanchez, in addition to covering the convention this weekend, also headed to Wrigley Field Sunday to take some photos. Here’s what she told me:

While Cubs fans were enjoying the convention downtown, construction crews at Wrigley Field were hard at work in frigid temperatures to ensure that the Field would be ready for Opening Day.

The bulk of the activity is still concentrated at the corner of Addison and Sheffield. It’s the gateway to the activity in the ballpark and you could see a concrete mixer entering the park at one point.

There is scaffolding up by the marquee, and while I didn’t see a lot of workers there at that time, it has been a busy area as I’ve walked around recently.

The Gate K/J area continues to be busy. One of the structures is uncovered now and appears to have windows like a ticket counter. The other structure is brick and still covered with a tarp.

Finally, the lights are on in the Hotel Zachary! If you look closely you can see them on the second floor. It’s scheduled to open in April 2018.

The Cubs say that the new structures in the Gate K/J area are part of extending the outer wall in that area to match where the outer bleacher wall runs. And the windows that look like ticket booths are, in fact, planned ticket booths.

And so there’s the answer to the formerly mysterious structures the crews were constructing in that area.

Opening Day against the Pirates is 12 weeks from today. We’ll have more photos hopefully next weekend.