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The Cubs and Google’s Arts & Culture app

Fun with photos.

News item: Google’s Arts & Culture app, available (USA only) at the App Store and Google Play, will now match a photo to one of millions of fine-art paintings in Google’s digital collection.

Well. That gave me an idea. Or... all right, I confess. It wasn’t my idea. Big hat tip to Max Rieper of Royals Review, who matched a number of photos of Royals players using the app, and to this post with athletes from other sports.

Here are some of the more recognizable Cubs and their fine art matches. Note that the app only matches many of them to 40 or 50 percent, so ... these are close, not exact. And fun! Because... this offseason is pretty slow, so I thought I’d add some fun.

COMMENT: The eyes give away this match.

COMMENT: KB seems a lot happier than the guy in the portrait.

COMMENT: Abraham Angel was just 18 years old when he painted this self-portrait.

COMMENT: Rizzo and Gauguin seem a match, definitely.

COMMENT: Perhaps Kyle was a colonel in a past life.

COMMENT: According to this link, Gerrit Sichterman was “Quartermaster-General of the Cavalry, Colonel of the Oranje-Groningen Infantry Regiment, Commandant of Grave.” Sounds important. Also, this is the only other place besides the now-Astros pitcher where I have seen the name “Gerrit.”

Passed along without comment.

COMMENT: This artist somehow knew that Albert was going to grow a beard after that photo was taken last spring training.

COMMENT: The artist captured Willson perfectly.

COMMENT: This one looks closer than 54% to me.

COMMENT: Joe would probably appreciate Cezanne.

COMMENT: This was the best match by percentage of any of the photos I tried.

COMMENT: I don’t know who either artist is, but he sure captured that same intent look that Theo has. Also seems like a better match than the percentage.

COMMENT: The eyes are an almost perfect match.

COMMENT: Appropriate, as someone named “Montgomery” ought to have an 18th-Century type as a match.

COMMENT: Well, we hope he’s a Cub soon, anyway.