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Billy Joel will play Wrigley Field again this summer

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It’s the fifth straight year for him at the ballpark.

Billy Joel at Wrigley, July 18, 2014
Photo by Gabriel Grams/Getty Images

Concert announcements are trickling out for next summer’s Wrigley Field list of shows.

Monday, we got an announcement about the return of Billy Joel:

The Piano Man is slated to perform Sept. 7 at the Cubs ballpark. Tickets are scheduled to go on sale at 10 a.m. Jan. 29. Joel has played Wrigley Field every year since 2014 — a venue record — and he played two shows there with Elton John in 2009.

As always, there will likely be a season-ticket holder and neighborhood resident presale.

Here is an updated list of concerts so far (the Pearl Jam shows have not been officially announced):

July 14: Def Leppard/Journey (Cubs in San Diego, next home game July 19)
July 29-30: Foo Fighters (Cubs in St. Louis, next home game August 2)
August 18, 20: Pearl Jam (Cubs in Pittsburgh, next home game August 23)
September 7: Billy Joel (Cubs in Washington, next home game September 10)
September 8: Fall Out Boy (Cubs in Washington, next home game September 10)