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The Daily Darvish: Yu have got to be kidding

This series is back, not necessarily by popular demand.

Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

We start with the ridiculous:

Beyond the fact that this is a non-verified, random account, there’s no one who works at ESPN named “Mike Timmons.” The Cubs used to have an Ozzie Timmons, for whatever that’s worth. (Ozzie Timmons, incidentally, will be the Rays’ first-base coach this season.)

We have crossed the line into silly season, which apparently comes right before baseball season. Credit to that Twitter account for acknowledging this:

Admit it. You laughed. We could use something to lighten up this dull offseason.

Now, on to the more serious information on Yu Darvish. One national writer thinks the Cubs are in the driver’s seat:

Bruce Levine, appearing on 670 The Score Saturday, hinted that Darvish would prefer the Cubs, but that it seems the Cubs’ offer is for four years and Darvish wants five:

If that is actually the case, you’d think a creative front office could put together some sort of vesting option or mutual option for that fifth year. There’s also this:

Meanwhile, it looks like the Dodgers could be out on a Darvish return:

17 days until Cubs pitchers and catchers will have their first workout at Sloan Park. I’d really like Yu Darvish to be one of those pitchers on the back fields at the spring complex.