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Wrigley Field construction update: January 27-28

It was a quiet weekend around the ballpark.

Today, I present to you two days’ worth of photos in one article, as BCB’s Mike Bojanowski and David Sameshima both paid visits to Wrigley Field this weekend, Mike on Saturday and David on Sunday.

Here’s Mike’s report:

Photos 1-15 were taken Saturday afternoon, January 27, a brilliant, springlike day, better weather than most home openers. This has been a freaky month, the only January in Chicago weather records (since 1871) which has had five days above fifty degrees, and five days below zero. Saturday was one of the former.

The Gate K/J buildings are becoming more finished, but nothing major is visible in the park itself from the street. The Hotel Zachary proceeds apace, some interior work can now be seen. The scoreboard still reads “63 / 63”, so it’s not a countdown.

Many thanks for all attention.

Photos 16-47 were taken by David on Sunday.

What do you think that “63 / 63” means? The home opener, the Cubs hosting the Pirates, is 70 days (10 weeks) from today. One week from today will be 63 days, but that’s been on the scoreboard for at least a couple of weeks now.

Meanwhile, as you can see there’s still lots of activity on the skating rink, even on warm January afternoons. If you’ve ever wanted to learn curling, your chance comes up at the Park at Wrigley with classes beginning next week.

We’ll have more photos upcoming, probably next Monday.