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The Daily Darvish: Crazy on Yu

Our neighbors to the north are getting heavily involved.

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We have reached the end of January, and the top four free-agent pitchers (Yu Darvish, Jake Arrieta, Alex Cobb, Lance Lynn) remain unsigned.

Here at the Daily Darvish, we’re focusing on Yu.

And so is Jon Heyman:

The Milwaukee Brewers are in discussions with free agent starting pitcher Yu Darvish and appear to be very much in the mix, sources tell FanRag Sports.

There is no evidence to suggest a deal is close at this time.

People throughout the league suggest that the Brewers have been one of the most aggressive teams pursuing Darvish. Others that have shown interest in him include the Chicago Cubs, Minnesota Twins, Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers, sources said.

This really tells us nothing we didn’t already know. The Brewers had been reported interested in Darvish a week or so ago, and had reportedly even made a contract offer. The other teams mentioned in Heyman’s article have all been reported interested in Darvish at various times this offseason.

This morning, we have a bit more from Ken Rosenthal:

That’s “more” in the sense of “here’s another tweet about the situation.” The “efforts of Yankees and Dodgers to clear salary” have been well-chronicled for a while, but neither team seems able to do it. Players like Matt Kemp and Jacoby Ellsbury are going to be very difficult to move, and even if their teams let them go and eat the contracts (or most of the contracts) that’s not going to get them out from under the luxury tax.

The Brewers’ interest is chronicled above and it would be obvious to me that Darvish and his agents are still trying to get the price they want, otherwise he’d have signed by now.

Thus we begin another day of watching. And waiting.

Former Cub Alex Avila signed with the Diamondbacks. While I wanted him to come back to the Cubs, once the Cubs signed Chris Gimenez, the Avila ship sailed. Plus, in Arizona he’ll likely be the starter, so he’s on a playoff-contending team as the starting catcher. I wish him well.

Two weeks from today, Cubs pitchers and catchers will have their first workout in Mesa. I’m still hoping Darvish will be among those participating.

Here’s today’s musical selection: