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Wrigley Field construction update: January 6

We’re now just about three months from the home opener.

The high temperature in Chicago Saturday was 17 degrees. Even that seems like an improvement over the previous week.

The cold didn’t stop BCB’s Danny Rockett from taking a swing over to Wrigley Field Saturday afternoon and taking the photos above. Here’s the report he sent me:

It was a cold sunny Saturday on the north side of Chicago, but that didn’t stop a couple dozen people from braving the minuscule temps, donning a pair of ice skates and enjoying a couple rounds around the rink.

The clear Cubbie blue skies cast construction crane shadows over the centenarian ballpark, and Santa’s workshop, now shuttered with the shops of the Christmas market. Jake Arrieta authentic jerseys are half price on the Sports World discount rack and it had me wondering how quickly they will mark them up again if he were to sign with the Cubs.

Though it wasn’t even close to baseball weather, the low hanging sun’s warmth and clear skies recollected better times at plus 60 degrees from current conditions. As I peered between the chainlink and into the ballpark, Tom Waits voice droning “What is he building in there?” from Mule Variations popped into my thoughts. Whatever they’re building, I’ll see it April 9 when the 10-0 Chicago Cubs face the Pirates.

The mysterious construction near the Gate K/J area has now been completely enclosed with tarps (photo 1 and 5-6), so it’s getting even more difficult to tell what that’s going to be. Hopefully, they will share more details at the Cubs Convention next weekend.

The Christkindlmarket at the Park at Wrigley is still standing, though obviously closed for the season.

And the AC sign at the Lakeview Baseball Club has been updated to reflect the results of the 2017 season.

We hope to have more photos here later in the week.