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Wrigley Field construction update: January 7

A few more photos from the weekend.

We’ve got a few different looks at the project than we had on Saturday, courtesy of BCB’s Mike Bojanowski, who visited Wrigley Field Sunday afternoon. Here’s his report.

These photos were taken Sunday afternoon, January 7, on a gloomy, overcast day, just before the weather broke down. There was the usual Sunday construction activity.

The new structures at the left field gates seem to have turned a corner, finish brick is being used. It seems that the footprints indicated by the scaffolding and shrouds are what the final sizes and shapes will be. Perhaps the business operations seminar at next week’s convention will put the mysteries to rest.

Many thanks for all attention.

Beyond the party patio that was in the original model of the Wrigley Field renovation project from 2014 (and that isn’t on the timeline of this offseason’s work), I seem to recall that the Gate K/J area was supposed to be reconfigured and rebuilt at some point during the project. My best guess at this time is that these structures are simply that, a reconfiguring and reconstruction of that gate.

Hopefully, as Mike noted, we’ll find out more at the convention. The Cubs home opener against the Pirates is 13 weeks from today.

We hope to have more photos later in the week.