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Wrigley Field construction update: October 13

It was a busy day around the ballpark on Saturday.

It was, for the first time in a couple of days, sunny and pleasant in Chicago Saturday afternoon. BCB’s David Sameshima went to Wrigley Field, took the photos above, and filed this report:

I visited Wrigley Field midday. One thing I had to document today was the Taco Bell on Addison, since its days are numbered. It’s just an ordinary Taco Bell, but it’s the Wrigleyville Taco Bell. I had to photograph the sign with the Cubs cap one more time, with demolition scheduled to begin November 1.

Workers were in the process of dismantling the Draft Kings Sports Zone (originally built as the Captain Morgan Club). This is to make way for the multilevel restaurant/bar/gift shop that will be built next to the Wintrust Gate (formerly Gate D), at Addison and Sheffield. Trucks were pulling in, using the gate on Addison, and hauling away debris, using the gate on Sheffield.

I did learn that two 7-Eleven storefronts will open in the Addison & Clark development. One location will be on the Addison Street side, and one on the Clark Street side.

The bleachers are completely fenced off, on both The Sheffield and Waveland Street sides. As Al has previously photographed, scaffolding has been erected in the left field corner.

Portions of Gallagher Way have reopened to the public, now that the construction fencing is now in place along the western side of Wrigley Field. The current arrangement of the construction fencing is quite irregular, leaving a very odd shaped layout for Gallagher Way. The Cubs still plan to set up a public skating ring this winter, in this space.

One story I have to share with you. At the northwest corner of Clark and Addison, a wedding group was gathered, with a photographer. As I got to the corner, they started entering the Dutch and Doc’s restaurant. I heard someone in the group call out “We’re all going in. They’re letting us in to take photos upstairs.” There are large picture windows on the second floor. It was nice of management to let them do this inside, with the ballpark in the background, rather standing in the street, in front of construction fencing. I just missed being able to take a photo of the wedding party going inside.

We’ll have more photos of the Wrigley construction here later this week.