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A quick look at World Series droughts

And the Cubs are still (for now) second on the list!

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With the Astros losing the ALCS to the Red Sox Thursday night, their World Series “drought” now stands at one year.

The Cubs’ was extended to two years after their wild-card game loss to the Rockies. Two is a lot better than 108, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Here are all 30 major league teams and the number of years since they last won a World Series, in order from shortest to longest. Of course, the Red Sox, Brewers and Dodgers could still lower their own number to zero this season.

Astros: 1
Cubs: 2
Royals: 3
Giants: 4
Red Sox: 5 (could still end this year)
Cardinals: 7
Yankees: 9
Phillies: 10
White Sox: 13
Marlins: 15
Angels: 16
Diamondbacks: 17
Braves: 23
Blue Jays: 25
Twins: 27
Reds: 28
Athletics: 29
Dodgers: 30 (could still end this year)
Mets: 32
Tigers: 34
Orioles: 35
Pirates: 39
Indians: 71

Some of these droughts are beginning to get into the “really long” category, besides the obvious one in Cleveland. The Pirates, for example, won three World Series in the 20 seasons between 1960 and 1979. They haven’t even played in one since. The Tigers and Mets have been in just two since their last win, the Orioles not at all. Of the other teams with a drought of 25 years or more, only the Dodgers, A’s and Indians have played in a World Series during their drought.

During the Cubs’ World Series drought, they played in seven in the first 37 seasons after winning in 1908, then not at all for the next 70 seasons. Finally, in the 108th year, they played in one and won it.

The following teams have never won a World Series. Here they are in order by the number of seasons (not years) they’ve played (e.g.: the Rays, who began play in 1998, have played 21 seasons without winning a WS). Of these seven clubs, two (Nationals/Expos and Mariners) have never even been in a World Series. It’s interesting that although seven expansion teams have won World Series, these seven have not, including three of the four added in 1969.

Rays: 21
Rockies: 26
Mariners: 42
Padres: 50
Nationals: 50
Brewers: 50 (could still end this year)
Rangers: 58

I’m sure you’ll also agree that watching this will never get old [VIDEO].