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Cub Tracks’ side eye

More change coming, bird-brained trade proposals, the world’s oldest prosthetic eye, and other bullets

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Welcome to your Saturday. There’s an understandable lull in Cubs articles right about now — they’re not in the playoffs and not much can happen player-wise until after the World Series. Free agency looms, the general managers’ and winter meetings are still on the drawing board, and idle speculation is the order of the day.

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  1. With reference to ongoing commentary: Cub Tracks’ full 40-man as of 10/13.

Cubs News and Notes:

Nipped from Cubs Insider:

Let’s start it off with a piping inferno of a hot take: Viva El Birdos suggests the Cardinals offer the Cubs a package of 2-3 top prospects and perhaps a current roster player or two (Paul DeJong, Jedd Gyorko, or Kolten Wong??) in exchange for Kris Bryant. This would effectively allow the Cubs to sign Bryce Harper, who probably would lose any interest in playing for a team that just traded his BEST FRIEND. My five-year old niece, who is partial to calling me “Doodie-Head” for no reason whatsoever on a regular basis, would probably (and properly) award that nickname to that writer. — Michael Canter.

Food for Thought: