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Cub Tracks gets tough

Baez’ pure toughness, Mets sweep, near-perfect roundness, musical bonuses, and other bullets

Wild Card Game - Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
Do ya wanna dance?
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Haha, if we thought yesterday was slim pickin’s, today is strictly Rip Torn. The Sun-Times’ last Cubs article was Monday. The Trib’s was Friday. I watched the game last night, but my beat is Cubs, and there was a gamethread anyway. Talk about whatever you want to, I’s some Leo:

So I threw in a bonus baseball history bit, ugly as that is, since that was a spinoff from here. Gotta have something to justify my existence, as I didn’t win the MegaMillions. Statistical analysis ain’t my thing, and y’all don’t want to read about the two books I have coming on Hallowe’en or thereabouts, so...this is good for your earhole:

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  1. With reference to ongoing commentary: Cub Tracks’ full 40-man as of 10/13. Feel free to guess who’s coming and going.

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