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Vote for Nico Hoerner for the Arizona Fall League’s Fall Stars Game

Cast your ballot for a Cubs prospect!

Nico Hoerner Rebecca Snyder

The 2018 MLB season might be in the books, but many top prospects are still playing ball in the Phoenix area in the Arizona Fall League.

The league will have its annual All-Star Game this Saturday, called the “Fall Stars Game,” and as is the case for the MLB All-Star Game, the AFL is having a “final vote” for one player to be added to each of its rosters, for the East and West divisions of the league.

Cubs prospect Nico Hoerner, who was the team’s No. 1 pick last June, is on the Final 2 ballot for this year’s Fall Stars Game.

Entering Monday’s action, Hoerner was hitting .373/.400/.490 (19-for-51) with a double, triple and home run. The BA ranks sixth in the league and the SLG is 13th.

Here’s the link to cast your ballot, and you can vote up to five times through 2 p.m. CT Wednesday, October 31.

Vote now and let’s get Nico Hoerner onto the Fall Stars roster!