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Wrigley Field construction update: October 7

With the 2018 Cubs season over, offseason construction is about to begin.

This winter, the Cubs are gaining an extra month of Wrigley Field construction time due to their early postseason exit.

I’m pretty sure everyone connected with the organization would have given that up for a deep October playoff run.

Sigh. Anyway, BCB’s David Sameshima went to Wrigley on Sunday, took the photos above, and filed this report:

I headed toward the lakefront Sunday to cheer on some friends running in the Chicago Marathon. Afterwards, I was passing by Wrigley Field, when I noticed the barricades going up once again around the ballpark. Visitors will be disappointed that the photo ops they expected might not be available due to the planned off season work.

I did not have a lot of time, but I walked around most of the ballpark to take these photos. The ballpark, and the neighborhood, will once again change before Opening Day. The open space around the Wintrust Right Field Gate (formerly Gate D) will likely disappear. An addition will be added to the ballpark here, incorporating a restaurant, bar and gift shop. The Addison Clark Project, south of Addison, should be open (the Baseballisms store is already open). The Luis Auto Repair shop is likely gone, with a new structure replacing it. The Wrigleyville Taco Bell will also be gone by the end of October, with a new structure replacing it.

There were barricades already in place along the west side of the ballpark, reducing the space that will be available for the ice rink this winter in Gallagher Way. The Cubs had previously announced that they will be offering the ice rink again, but there would be no room for the Christkindlmarket this winter.

As we have done here over the last several offseasons, we will have photo galleries documenting the Wrigley Field renovation/restoration project throughout the fall and winter. I hope to have another photoset here later this week.