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Wrigley Field construction update: November 11

It’s cold out there!

Visiting Wrigley Field early on a very cold Sunday morning, I didn’t expect to find much work going on.

That was an incorrect assumption. There was plenty of noisy drilling and other steel work going on in the area around the right field corner where (we assume) that “annex” will eventually be built.

Finally got you a better view of the hole being dug near the west end of the bleachers (photo 9). It’s still not clear what’s going in here. It’s not going to be additional lighting — that was announced to be cancelled at the Cubs Convention in 2017.

Apart from that, the trucks you see on Sheffield don’t have construction materials. Instead, they are still working on teardown of the Jim Beam event that took place on the field last week. They could be working into tomorrow, from what I understand.

They are also setting up an ice rink on Gallagher Way. It will be smaller than previous years due to part of the plaza being fenced off for construction. You can also see the holiday decorations set up at the north end of the plaza near the Cubs Store.

Otherwise, as of now they’re still in demolition mode. I’d expect construction on most of these areas will start fairly soon and we will then see whatever new additions are happening start to take shape.

We’ll have more photos here mid-week.