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Wrigley Field construction update: November 16

The temperature gauge in my car said it was 40 degrees when I got to Wrigley Field this morning, but it did not feel that “warm.” It was very windy and I’m sure the wind chill was in the teens.

Sometimes high winds force construction projects like this to shut down, but not this one on this day. There was still quite a bit of work going on in the right-field corner where the ballpark has been pretty much whittled down to its steel frame, and in the left-field corner where new decks are being built, you can see the beginnings of wood frames likely for concrete to be poured (photos 5 and 8, and sorry for the angle, sorry for the weird angle, it’s not easy to put my phone through a gap in the fence and snap a photo at the same time, especially when it’s so cold!).

Apart from that, the work in general continues, and the ice rink is now completely set up on Gallagher Way. It will open a week from today. Here are full details on “Winterland at Gallagher Way.”

By sheer chance I ran into Sara Sanchez in front of the firehouse when I was starting my photographic rounds. She was headed to Starbucks for some coffee to warm up, and promises there will be some articles dedicated to discussing various aspects of free agency from her here soon.

We’ll have more photos early next week.