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Wrigley Field construction update: November 18

Some construction, as opposed to demolition, is starting to take shape.

The most interesting thing I saw on my walk around Wrigley Field on Sunday was the appearance of the beginnings of a concrete base on the sidewalk on Waveland near the left-field bleachers.

This is obviously the base for whatever it is they’re building next to the bleachers. As it continues to take shape, we’ll get a better idea of exactly what’s happening there.

Apart from that, you can see that the right-field corner, where the new “annex” is going to be built, was in the process of being shrouded. This has been an off-and-on thing with various parts of this project over the last couple of years, so at least temporarily, we can’t see much of what’s going on behind the shrouds. I can tell you that once again, there was a lot of noise going on from various parts of the project Sunday morning. I wouldn’t have wanted to be a guest at the Hotel Zachary trying to sleep in, because that would have been difficult with all the noise.

The ice rink is now set up and ready to go for the opening of Winterland at Gallagher Way, which opens to the public Friday. Here are details on the ice rink hours, fees, events, etc.

We’ll have more photos later in the week.