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Cubs pick up Cole Hamels' option, trade Drew Smyly

The rehab of Smyly will continue elsewhere.

Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Most of us wanted Cole Hamels back in a Cubs uniform for 2019, and we will have that wish granted:

Unfortunately, Jerry Crasnick spelled Drew Smyly's name wrong, but you get the idea.

Smyly was signed to a two-year deal last offseason that paid him $3 million in 2018 and was scheduled to pay him $7 million in 2019. He rehabbed with the Cubs and made one appearance for South Bend but never made it back to the majors in 2018.

Smyly's luxury tax hit for 2019 was $5 million, so exercising Hamels' option will wind up as somewhat less than a $20 million addition to the tax hit after removing Smyly's.

The removal of Smyly from the 40-man roster leaves it at 35 players. There's no word yet on the return for Smyly.

As always, we await developments.