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Wrigley Field construction update: November 20

A closer look at the Hole on Waveland! And, more setup for the holidays.

The most interesting thing about my visit to Wrigley Field Tuesday was being able to see the Hole on Waveland (as I’ve dubbed it), because the fencing around it had been removed in order for the crews to do concrete-pouring work.

You can see this in photos 4-10. There were also a couple of cement trucks parked on Waveland ready to deliver more.

There are clearly bases for whatever it is they’re building west of the left-field bleachers going into place on the sidewalk. We await further progress.

The rest of the project continued as it had been. Most of the area around Addison & Sheffield has now been shrouded, so there’s not much that can be seen there. I can tell you that there was loud work going on behind the shrouds.

Also, the preparations for Winterland at Gallagher Way continued, and there was also another decorated tree being installed, the Cubs’ annual holiday tree. There hasn’t yet been an announcement of when they’ll have a tree-lighting ceremony, but generally that happens not long after Thanksgiving weekend.

Winterland at Gallagher Way opens Friday. We hope to have more photos here then.