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Wrigley Field construction update: November 23

Gearing up for Winterland, and more construction on Waveland

As was the case in the last update in this series, most of my attention went to the construction in the Hole on Waveland, which is becoming less of a hole with each visit. They are beginning to construct a base for whatever it is that’s going in there, and the most interesting thing to me this time was that there’s now concrete construction going right up to the edge of the bleacher wall (photo 9). This likely means the exterior wall itself will likely wind up extended further west on Waveland. In photo 10 you can see how that new wall might extend itself.

Similar construction is happening on the Sheffield side, but it’s not really possible to get close enough to the fence there to see it. You can see some of it in photos 16 and 17.

Beyond that, the work on the right-field corner area continues to go on behind shrouds, so it’s impossible to tell what’s happening there. It is pretty noisy still, at least on the south side of the park fronting Addison.

The last four photos in this gallery show some of the setup for Winterland at Gallagher Way, which opened at 11 a.m. Friday. (I was there before 11, thus the lack of people in the photos.) The Cubs holiday tree, seen in photos 29 and 30, will have an official lighting ceremony at 6 p.m. Monday.

“Santa’s Workshop” and the skate rental place shown in photo 32 are the former Jostens store and trophy room. Tempus fugit.

We’ll have more photos here early next week.