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Wrigley Field construction update: November 3

The ballpark renovation/restoration project continues to progress.

We’re now more than a month into construction season at Wrigley. That’s good for the team to get ahead of schedule, bad for the reason we’re a month in, which is, of course, the Cubs’ early playoff exit in 2018.

BCB’s David Sameshima visited Wrigley on Saturday, took the photos above, and sent me this report:

I made a late Saturday afternoon visit to Wrigley. I saw confused motorists, turning north onto Sheffield from Addison. I then saw that Sheffield had been blocked off, where the alley meets, north of Addison. Sheffield was also blocked off at Waveland. This appeared to only be a temporary street closure.

There were concrete barricades set up on Addison Street, across from Wrigley, with a pavement marking to indicate a lane closure. Not sure what this is for. Also, the large yellow duck is still sitting in the parking lot on Clark Street.

I proceeded to take a walk around the ballpark. I continued taking photos just so you could see what it looks like now. Nothing particularly stood out, as far as visible activity.

It was more actually much more interesting outside the Sheffield Avenue Starbucks location, and the Addison Street Taco Bell. Many passing by were shocked to see the closing signage outside the Starbucks, and the Taco Bell “Cubs cap” signage gone.

We’ll have more photos from Wrigley later this week. The 2019 home opener at Wrigley Field is 154 days away — 22 weeks from today.