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‘No Fighting In The Bleachers: A Cubs holiday parody song

Accidental viral videographer Danny Rockett makes a holiday parody about an unfortunate fight at Wrigley.

Sean Harvey, “No Fighting In The Bleachers” guy
Danny Rockett

On September 24, after a 5-1 Cubs loss to the Pirates, a fight broke out in the bleachers right next to me. You might remember because I filmed it.

This was a terrible fight, but one amazing iconic positive came out of the melee. And that is bleacher regular Sean Harvey repeatedly screaming “There’s no fighting In the bleachers!” in a vain attempt to stop the donnybrook.

Why let the positivity stop there! It’s the Holidays! So I wrote and recorded a parody of the Gospel Christmas classic “Go Tell It On The Mountain” to make sure Sean’s immortal words live on in song.

You can also remember this event by buying Bleacher Jeff’s “No Fighting In the Bleachers” T-shirt and wearing it to Wrigley in 2019!

Warning! There is some minor profanity in the song. It’s one word. The same one. Over and over. It starts with S. Enjoy!