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The Cubs should look into signing Troy Tulowitzki

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Because under the circumstances, why not?

Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Troy Tulowitzki was once one of the best players in baseball. He had three straight top-5 MVP finishes, won a couple of Gold Gloves, and is a five-time All-Star.

But serious injuries have ruined most of his career. He hasn’t played a game of baseball — anywhere — since July 28, 2017.

Today, the Blue Jays cut ties with him:

That’s an awful lot of money the Jays just ate. Tulo has two years and $34 million left on his contract, plus a $4 million buyout for 2021. So Toronto owes him $38 million, and anyone who signs him now would be on the hook for no more than the major-league minimum.

So seriously, why shouldn’t the Cubs sign Tulowitzki? It could be a minor-league deal for now, since he’s already being paid for the next couple of years, with a MLB roster spot only if he’s healthy and has a good spring training. And if you’re wondering about Tulo’s health:

If he’s healthy, he could be a productive part-time player. He could hold down shortstop while Addison Russell is out (with Javier Baez remaining at second base), and move to being a bench player after Russell returns, if Addy isn’t traded.

Tulowitzki has never played a MLB position other than shortstop, but I’m guessing he’d be adaptable enough to play second, or even the outfield.

He’s 34 years old. This is literally a no-risk contract — if he can’t play, the Cubs could simply release him at the end of spring training with no financial exposure.

Also note in Jeff Passan’s tweet the Jays’ willingness to trade Russell Martin. I posted a potential Tyler Chatwood for Martin deal here in October. I still think it could work, and Martin could provide that veteran leadership the Cubs say they’re looking for. Further, Martin is one of the best pitch-framers in baseball.

I hope Theo & Co. are on the phone to Tulo and Toronto this afternoon.


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