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Wrigley Field construction update: December 12

A look at the project, as well as Winterland at Gallagher Way.

BCB’s Sara Sanchez visited Wrigley Field Wednesday afternoon and filed this report:

The crews around Wrigley Field have continued their work as the holidays approach. Other new businesses in the area are opening as well across the street on Addison including a Do Rite Donuts shop and the Harley Davidson store on the corner.

Most of the construction activity is still clustered at the corner of Sheffield and Addison. The scaffolding is still up and workers are busy remaking the area where the Draft Kings Sports Zone used to be located.

The area around the marquee was more quiet than usual but they have made more progress on the new club structure on the deck.

Most of the digging has stopped in the left field corner but there is still a lot of work in that area. Workers could be seen bringing out scaffolding materials and laying a new sidewalk on Waveland.

We’ll have more photos over the weekend.