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Wrigley Field construction update: December 15

The upper-deck work is progressing quite a bit faster now.

BCB’s David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field Saturday afternoon and filed this report:

I visited Wrigley Field during the late afternoon, around 2:30 p.m. It was not an ideal time to photograph, with the harsh shadows from the late afternoon sun.

The weather was mild, in the 40’s, so there was a lot of folks outside, with a lot of road traffic too. As I arrived, construction workers were preparing for a crane to exit the worksite, on Addison. I decided to wait, to photograph it. The workers stopped traffic, so the crane could exit, but there was a delay with the crane. The workers let traffic resume, while they sorted it out. I went back to photographing the ballpark, as I waited for the crane to exit. There was heavy eastbound traffic, so my view was blocked, but I heard a ruckus from the construction workers. What i believe happened is that a motorist ignored the construction workers to stop, and drove right past them, as the crane was exiting from behind the fence.

I did my normal walk around the ballpark. For a change, I saw quite a few construction related vehicles parking and driving around the ballpark. A new sidewalk appears to have poured along Sheffield Avenue, where the Sheffield Grill/Decades Diner was located. Unfortunately, a plastic sheet is up in the left field corner, and blocking the only view into the upper area behind home plate and the right field side.

The two 7-Eleven stores in the Addison and Clark development have opened. Contrary to rumors, they are not connected. They are two separate stores. One is located on Addison Street, close to where the Starbucks was located. The second location is on Clark Street. It is at the far south end of the development, across from Moe’s Cantina.

We’ll have more photos during the week. The home opener April 8, 2019 between the Cubs and Pirates is 113 days away.