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The 12 days of Cubsmas, Day 5: Five comeback wins

The Cubs had a lot of come-from-behind victories in 2018

Javy Baez hits a three-run double during a wild comeback at Wrigley Field in April
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Comeback victories were a staple for the 2018 Cubs. The Cubs had 95 wins in 2018, 48 of them were comeback wins. That’s right, the Cubs were trailing at some point in over half of their wins in 2018.

So on the fifth day of Cubsmas I had to take a second and celebrate some of the more unlikely comebacks. Here they are, in chronological order, five epic Cubs comebacks in 2018:

April 7

I was running a training on April 7 and checked into this game when the Cubs were already behind. I remember walking around Chicago on an unseasonably cold day getting progressively angrier that it was apparently impossible to find a place to watch the Cubs game in River North. There were a lot of places to watch golf and soccer, but it took me the better part of an hour to find a place that had the Cubs game on.

Remind me to never move to River North.

Anyway, I found a real Chicago bar just in time to see the Cubs take advantage of some defensive miscues by the Brewers as they staged a four-run ninth en route to the first of many wild comebacks in 2018 [VIDEO]:

April 14

A week later the Cubs were at it again, only this time the weather was worse and they weren’t playing in a stadium with a roof.

There were a lot of words written about how this game probably should have never been played. Seeing as I didn’t dare step outside that day after I braved the elements to get my morning coffee, I’m very sympathetic to those claims. However, this comeback was a reward for every fan of baseball that knows you never turn the game off until the last out.

The Cubs were down in this game immediately. Ozzie Albies hit a leadoff home run, but the Cubs came back to tie it in the bottom of the frame. And then the Braves just unloaded on Jose Quintana on a day where the Cubs lefty really just couldn’t seem to get anything going. Quintana left the game with the bases loaded and the score a somewhat reasonable 4-1 in the third inning, however all of those runs wound up scoring. As did a few more. By the bottom of the third it was 9-1 Braves and this game looked like it was over.

The Cubs didn’t quit and kept chipping away in the middle innings. By the eighth inning it was 10-5 Atlanta, and then this happened [VIDEO].

Honestly, the baseball here is a lot of fun, but the fan reactions are really incredible. I love the ladies dancing in their ponchos. I love the kids jumping up and down. I even love the crazy dudes with no shirts on watching from the rooftops. This was a comeback for the ages.

June 29

The Cubs offense was streaky at best in 2018 and one of the things that was missing were home runs. Well, except on June 29. There were a lot of home runs in the Cubs comeback against the Twins on June 29.

The Cubs scored nine of their 10 runs off the long ball on June 29 [VIDEO].

If you’re a fan of the long ball, June 29 was the game for you

July 7

The Cubs were down 5-0 against the Reds before they started to chip away at that lead in the bottom of the fourth. Javy Baez kept the pressure on with a four hit game, including a home run, but the Cubs were still trailing 7-4 when they entered the eighth inning Amir Garrett loaded the bases on two walks and a single to David Bote and then this happened [VIDEO].

That is a pretty piece of hitting by Ben Zobrist to start the rally. There is really no one I’d rather have up when the Cubs need to score. He just always seems to find a way to make something good happen. Javy followed it up with a “Respect 90” single and Anthony Rizzo capped off the scoring on a fielder’s choice.

July 13

To win this game 5-4 against the Padres the Cubs didn’t have to come back from a large deficit in the game. They were down 1-0 after the first, but quickly took a 2-1 lead...that they promptly gave up in the bottom of the third when Tyler Chatwood gave up a homerun to Travis Jankowski. It was just that type of game. The Padres would take a lead, the Cubs would claw back.

However in the bottom of the eighth the Padres took a one run lead 4-3 and it looked like they had finally bested the Cubs. Brad Hand got Zobrist and Ian Happ out quickly to start the ninth before hitting Victor Caratini. Caratini was lifted for Jason Heyward to pinch run for him, and then Rizzo decided he wasn’t done playing baseball on that day [VIDEO].

The best part of this comeback was clearly Javy doing Javy things in the tenth, however. The Cubs took the lead again for the first time since the third inning with Javy generating just enough chaos on the basepaths to score.

On the fifth day of Cubsmas my true love gave to me: five comeback wins, four postseason appearances in a row, three epic relief performances, two walk off grand slams, and a Javy MVP candidate.