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Cub Tracks on the hot seat

Yu, me, Addison Russell, and other bullets

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I can’t handle this
Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Some days the muck rakes itself. Addison Russell has been revealed to be a serial philanderer and abuser. The Cubs organization certainly seems to be lacking in the social responsibility department, and the Sun-Times reports that the new TV network is definitely with the Sinclair network... all of which have many people questioning their allegiances.

The national media have gotten in on the dog-and-pony show, and we need to include the points they bring up to see the whole picture, but let’s not use the fact that some of the spin is political to air our grievances. I try to do honest reporting but this is a secular, non-political discussion board. We’re all adults here, yes?

We wanted news, but I’m not sure this is what we had in mind. All this and Allen Webster, too!

Here’s today’s Cubs News and Notes. As always * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome).

Food for thought: