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Wrigley Field construction update: December 20

At last, some real progress in the right-field corner area.

BCB’s Sara Sanchez visited Wrigley Field Thursday morning, took the photos above, and filed this report:

It was a bit of a gray day on Thursday but there was a lot of activity at the ballpark. Trucks were carrying pallets to the right field corner where the outline of a structure of steel girders has begun to take shape. This is the area that had previously hosted an outdoor patio and food options, including the Chef Series.

The marquee area was relatively quiet and unchanged since the last time I took photos.

Left field was also quite busy. There is a crane temporarily up that was causing very minimal delays on Waveland. They have also set up a pile of girders on the ground, although those haven’t begun to take shape yet. Finally, if you look closely at the grandstand you’ll see that most of the internal scaffolding has been removed.

Also of note, the Cubs are at last capping all the X-shaped iron bracings at the top of the ballpark:

The Cubs’ home opener vs. the Pirates on April 8, 2019 is 109 days from today.