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Pat Hughes receives multi-year contract extension

The longtime radio voice of the Cubs will continue in that role.

Courtesy Pat Hughes

Pat Hughes became the radio play-by-play voice of the Cubs in 1996. 2019 is, then, scheduled to be his 24th season behind the microphone as a Cubs announcer.

He’ll have several more seasons calling Cubs games, according to this announcement made Thursday:

There are just two men who have served as Cubs broadcasters longer than Hughes: Jack Brickhouse, who called Cubs games on radio from 1940-44 and then on television from 1947-81, and Vince Lloyd, who served in various capacities calling games from 1954-64 and then was the Cubs’ radio voice on WGN from 1965-86.

Pat began his MLB broadcasting career with the Minnesota Twins in 1983 and then spent 12 years alongside Bob Uecker calling Brewers games in Milwaukee, thus, 2019 will be his 37th season as a major-league broadcaster. I hope that his name gets called one day for the Frick Award at the Hall of Fame. Pat’s been an outstanding broadcaster for the Cubs for many years, I enjoy his radio calls, and having had some personal interactions with him over the years, I can tell you that he’s one of the nicest guys in the broadcasting business.

Congratulations to Pat on his contract extension.