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Wrigley Field construction update: December 23

Significant changes to the left- and right-field corners, as well as progress on the patio.

There’s been quite a bit of work since our last update on the left-field and right-field corners, and the upper-deck patio area. BCB’s David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field Sunday and filed this report:

I was at an event Thursday evening, at the Old Town School Of Folk Music (4544 N Lincoln Ave/West Building). On the first floor, near the rest rooms, they have a display featuring the ribbon cutting ceremony from the Park At Wrigley. I added photos of this display, to my Wrigley construction photos.

I arrived after 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, and the position of the harsh sun made it difficult to photograph from certain angles, in the right and left field corners. This is the reason why I took so many photos of each corner. I couldn’t get the one shot that would have illustrated the entire construction scene, in each corner.

At this point, I can’t even envision what the finished areas in the right and left field corners will look like. I am not an engineer or architect, so I am not going to speculate.

Well. I’m not an engineer or architect either, but I’ve never shied away from speculation, so here’s mine.

As you can see in photos 32-39, they have finally begun to put up the steel structure of the new decks in left field along Waveland. Per, here’s what’s happening there in the space immediately adjacent to the bleachers:

As a continuation of the existing deck, the foul territory of the left field Budweiser Bleachers will be extended with new portables concessions and a view of the field. This extension is expected to be completed by Opening Day 2019.

You can see in photo 33 the approximate area where this extension will end. It’s not a “party deck,” it’s just an extension of the concourse. The rest of this area, as I understand it, will be an area for standing room in the grandstand area — that is, for people not in the bleachers. The Cubs will have to do a good job of policing this area so that non-bleacher ticket holders don’t get into the bleachers.

The home opener, Cubs vs. Pirates on April 8, is 15 weeks from today. We’ll have more photos later in the week.