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Ronald Torreyes signs with the Twins

... ending one of the shortest Cubs tenures ever.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Cubs acquired Ronald Torreyes from the Yankees November 28 for a player to be named later or cash considerations. (It will likely be cash considerations.)

Two days later they non-tendered him. The possibility existed that they could sign him back to a minor-league deal.

Except that possibility no longer exists:

And here’s how much he will be making:

So... now I really don’t understand the purpose of the deal at all. If they knew they were just going to let him go two days later, why trade for Torreyes in the first place?

Also, now the Cubs really are going to have to look for some kind of backup shortstop, because:

You can’t expect Javier Baez to play for the entire month of April without a backup, and currently the Cubs have no one on the 40-man roster who can back up shortstop. I suppose Chesny Young, or someone like him, might wind up coming north with the Cubs out of spring training, but that’s just speculation.

I would think the Cubs would be scanning the waiver wire for a defense-minded middle infielder who can play shortstop, to give a minor-league deal and a NRI to spring training. Who that would be, I have no idea at this time.

And the short tenure of Torreyes in a Cubs... well, not even uniform, because I’m guessing they never ever got his sizes... roster spot will likely forever remain a mystery.