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MLB Bullets is heading to Las Vegas

The Winter Meetings start on Monday. The Cardinals got better and the D-Backs rebuild. The Nationals move forward without Bryce Harper.

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MLB: Winter Meetings Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

I’m having to re-write my introduction because the news about Luis Valbuena broke as I was writing this article. I just wanted to include my own personal memory of the time I got hit in the chest with a ball thrown by Luis Valbuena. It was early in 2012 and Valbuena was still playing with the Iowa Cubs. I was sitting in the first row behind the I-Cubs dugout and when the players finished warming up between innings, Valbuena (who was at second base that day) threw the ball into the Cubs dugout. Except Valbuena missed and the ball bounced about ten feet before the dugout. It then bounced over the dugout, into the stands and hit me square in the chest. I still have that ball or, more accurately, my daughter has the ball as I gave it to her. But she lets me keep it.

We miss you already, Luis. You were a bright spot during the Cubs’ darkest days.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Rest in peace, Luis.