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Wrigley Field construction update: February 10

Some photos from a snowy weekend at the ballpark.

BCB’s David Sameshima went over to Wrigley Field Saturday and filed this report:

I went by the ballpark late on Saturday afternoon. I hadn’t been able to make many visits this winter. I was surprised to see that D’Agostino’s Pizza (at Addison & Southport) was closed for remodeling. Their takeout storefront is still open.

I was able to do a complete walk around Wrigley. Not much activity outside the ballpark, likely due to the snowstorms predicted for most of the weekend.

Only a portion of the Park At Wrigley is open. The skating rink, and access to the businesses that are open. There is now a large open pit in front of Gate K on Waveland Avenue. As a result, they have opened up the area just west of the gate as an access point for workers, and construction carts. This is the entrance area that had been used by players, staff and media, during the past few years of construction.

I also took many photos of the Hotel Zachary and the Addison & Clark Project to illustrate how the views in the area have changed.

Opening Day at Wrigley Field, Cubs vs. Pirates on April 9, is now just 57 days away.