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Cubs parody song: ‘Yuuuu! Yu Picked the Cubbies’

BCB’s Danny Rockett says “Let’s sing two!” with another Yu Darvish parody song.

Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Hey Hey! Let’s sing two!

Yu Darvish has to have the most easily parodied name in baseball and to a guy like me, it’s like Christmas Day in a candy store. (I also enjoy mixed metaphors).

This Biz Markie parody of the 1989 rap hit “Just a Friend” was the most suggested parody on the Son Ranto Ranters Facebook Group and I just couldn’t disappoint. Although I do regret the lyric about “innings eating,” which Yu Darvish hasn’t really done since before his surgery, I think it’s a decent attempt for a guy like me who doesn’t rap.


Darvish took awhile to choose and we had to wait
Now he’ll pitch for the Cubs and he’s replacing Jake
Theo Epstein came through with the compensation.
Money in Japanese doesn’t need translation
Back in 2 thousand 15, Darvish’s arm got hurt
Got Tommy John. Really screwed the Rangers
Got traded to the Dodgers, who could forget?
Took a bases loaded walk in the NLCS
The Cubs wanted him here, but Darvish had to choose
A hundred 26 million has him wearing Cubbie Blue
The Cubs got the team, now they got a shot
Darvish slotted into Arrieta’s spot
The Cubs have got em for six opt out after 2
And mountains of Ricketts dough
In a fat contract for Yu
Yu likes to strike em out, he’s good at eating up innings
When Yu pitches a baseball, batters miss with a swing
We’re coming back with a baseball team that can win again
With Yu on the Cubs, we’ll be World champions.

Come on, The Cubbies are goin’ for it
This is what I’m goin’ sing

Yu, Yu picked the Cubbies. Now the Cubs will win again
The World Series Champions, oh baby
Yu, Yu picked the Cubbies. Now the Cubs will win again
The World Series Champions, oh baby

Yu, He speaks Japanese, and the Cubs will win again
The World Series Champions