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Wrigley Field construction update: February 17, part 1

Progress continues on the project.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — I’ve got quite a number of photos to share with you today, this set taken by BCB’s David Sameshima, then another set taken by BCB’s Mike Bojanowski that will run an hour from the posting time of this set, at noon CT. This set comprises 32 photos, the later one will have 53. There’s some overlap and duplication, but there was enough different that I wanted to present both of them separately.

David made a visit to Wrigley Field Saturday afternoon as a light snow was falling, and filed this report:

I made a visit to Wrigley on Saturday afternoon. You could tell that there was activity in the ballpark, but of course little is visible from the outside. Cranes located outside at Clark and Addison were lifting supplies into the ballpark. The pit outside of Gate K has been filled in. Utility crews were digging a trench across Waveland Avenue, restricting traffic. The tarps were partially removed, exposing where the Sheffield Grill/Decade Diner was located in the right field corner. The name is now on display at the northwest corner of the Hotel Zachary. I just noticed the mounts for dog leashes and water bowl, outside of the Park At Wrigley Starbucks, and Cubby Bear is hiring.

The “canopy” David notes in the caption to photo 23 actually covers only some of the seats there, as shown in this tweet from Curtis Waltz from last Friday:

The Wrigley home opener, Cubs vs. Pirates, is just seven weeks from today.