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Wrigley Field construction update: February 17, part 2

More from around the ballpark, including Darvish jerseys for sale.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — Here’s Part 2 of our photosets from the weekend, these taken by BCB’s Mike Bojanowski. He filed this report:

All but a few of these photos were taken Saturday, February 17, just before the nuisance storm that dumped two inches in about as many hours. Some from Sunday the 18th, a couple left over from last week Saturday, after the big snowstorm, for comparison’s sake.

The entire weekend was very busy. Scaffolding and shrouds come up and down, new trenches as needed, there was always something going on. The Hotel Zachary has been baptized, the nameplate went up sometime between last Sunday and Wednesday.

Darvish home jerseys are now available in all stores in the area, nothing in other styles, yet.

Thanks for all attention.

You can see a few more details in the area around the ballpark than we had in the earlier post, including a first look at Yu Darvish jerseys for sale (photos 50 and 51). As was noted in the earlier post, the structure above the marquee is almost certainly an elevator. There are supposed to be as many as 10 elevators in the ballpark when the project is complete.

As noted in the earlier post, the home opener at Wrigley Field, April 9, Cubs vs. Pirates, is seven weeks from today. There will likely be some things within the ballpark that aren’t quite ready on that date — last year some concession stands didn’t open until June. But the main seating areas should be ready to go, along with the 1914 Club.