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You can help make a big contribution to Joe Maddon’s ‘Respect Bald’ event

BCB’s Danny Rockett is shaving his head for charity and you can help!

Danny Rockett and Welington Castillo ‘Respect Bald’ in 2015
Nicole Wiesner

MESA, Arizona — Hello Cubs fan family! I’m down here the Valley of the Sun enjoying the first few games of Spring Training and am psyched that I am here during Joe Maddon’s “Respect Bald” event this Saturday, March 3 where players and fans shave their heads to benefit pediatric cancer research.

As some of you may recall, I shaved my head alongside Welington Castillo in 2015 while raising over $800 for a well deserved charity. And I’d like to raise even more this year! Heck! I may even let them shave my legs! You can see tons of photos of bald Cubs players from 2015’s event here.

So far, I’ve raised $210 through my podcast “The Son Ranto Show” through Paypal donations. But I’m hoping your generosity will allow us to donate over $1,000 in the name of BCB!

There are two ways to sponsor me. The first is at this link: a GoFundMe.

Unfortunately. GoFundMe takes a large percentage for their service, so it might be better to use Paypal where they take a far smaller percentage. Friends and Family for no fees! Here’s the Paypal link:

Please donate what you can to this great cause and I’ll get my head shaved! I will run this campaign until Friday night and donate in the name of all Bleed Cubbie Blue readers!

Or... if you are in Mesa, donate to Respect Bald yourself and we’ll cueball out together!

Thanks for all your support!