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Wrigley Field construction update: February 5

The work continued Monday in snowy and cold conditions.

BCB’s Danny Rockett braved Monday’s snow and cold to head over to Wrigley Field to take some photos of the ongoing construction project.

In addition to what you can see from the photos, he told me that it appears they are doing some work in the right-field corner above what used to be called the “Decade Diner” (photo 12). That’s the location of the stadium club that’s had various sponsor names in recent years, including United Airlines.

Also, you can see some photos of the curling demonstration (photos 28-30) that was ongoing on the ice rink at the Park at Wrigley. This will continue today and tomorrow, and also on a couple of days next week. Details here.

The Hotel Zachary project appears on target for an early-spring opening and you can also see significant progress now on the Addison & Clark project on the south side of Addison. Though signs indicate some store openings soon, I don’t think “Winter 2018” is going to happen (photo 18).

The Cubs’ home opener against the Pirates is now 62 days away, one day short of nine weeks. We’ll have more photos here soon, hopefully next weekend.