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Wrigley Field construction update: Special aerial edition

Some views of the project from above.

Thursday, we had a look at a Wrigley Field aerial photo that’s more than 20 years old.

Today, I received a set of aerial photos of the construction project from Curtis Waltz, who’s been kind enough to share his great aerial shots of Wrigley with me.

These photos were obviously not taken today, not with the major snowstorm hitting the area. They’re from January 30, 10 days ago, so obviously the project has progressed since then (though I suspect they’re not getting much done on today’s snowy day).

There’s a good look at the Addison & Clark project (photo 2), several good views inside of the seating areas being restored, a photo of the area around the marquee (photo 7), the mysterious Gate K buildings (photo 9), the Hotel Zachary (photo 10) and some nice overviews of the ballpark and the city.

The last photo in the set (photo 16) is from a comparable date last year — February 2, 2017 — so you can see that they’re basically on schedule, just as they were a year ago.

If you like these aerials, please check out Curtis Waltz’ site, where there are many other aerial photos of Chicago and the midwest.

The home opener, the Cubs facing the Pirates April 9, is just 59 days away!

We hope to have more photos, likely from ground level, either over the weekend or early next week.