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Cubs vs. Royals at Surprise preview, Wednesday 3/14, 3:05 CT

The Cubs travel to the West Valley today.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

SCOTTSDALE, ArizonaTyler Chatwood, who had an outstanding outing Tuesday night against the Giants, has already begun to appreciate the culture in the Cubs clubhouse:

“You walk in there today and you have that attitude we’re winning today,” Chatwood said Tuesday night after allowing only an infield hit in a 2-1 win over the Giants.

“It’s hard to build that. You can preach it all you want, but it’s hard to get that feeling night in and night out. Just in spring training, you see guys walk in and have that atmosphere from the get-go. It was like that since camp started, so I’m looking very forward to being a part of it.”

What’s most remarkable about that is the way this has become simply the way things are around the Cubs. They expect to win, and all their preparation and work goes in that singular direction. You’ll likely recall that has not always been the case here. But now, it is:

“It’s awesome,” said Chatwood, who has struck out 12 in 11 innings while allowing only one run in four spring starts. “Playing against these guys and seeing how much fun they have and they’re winning games at the same time. And I think that’s the culture they’ve built here, and they’ve got guys with great character in that clubhouse. So it’s fun to be a part of.

“Everyone here wants to win. They have already. They won the (2016) World Series and the guys they brought in, we want to be part of that. We want to feel that same feeling.”

I could get real used to this. You too, I’m guessing.

Here’s an update on Javier Baez:

Here are today’s particulars.

Cubs lineup:

Happ DH, Bryant 3B, Rizzo 1B, Gimenez C, Freeman 2B, Bourjos CF, Court RF, Young SS, Hannemann LF

Royals lineup:

Jay CF, Merrifield 2B, Cuthbert 3B, Perez C, Duda 1B, Gordon DH, Soler LF, Collins RF, Escobar SS

Hey, look! Not one but two former Cubs for KC today — Jon Jay and Jorge Soler.

Alec Mills will start for the Cubs. Today would normally be Jon Lester’s turn, but he is staying in Mesa to throw a sim game. Cubs relievers today: Justin Wilson, Justin Grimm, Dillon Maples, Steve Cishek, Randy Rosario and Cory Mazzoni.

Ian Kennedy gets the call for the Royals. Other Royals on today’s list: Brian Flynn and Brad Keller.

Today’s game is on with Len Kasper and Mick Gillispie. Gameday

Please note that during spring training, Gameday doesn't usually go pitch-by-pitch as it does during the regular season -- usually, it will update after each at-bat.

Here is the complete Mediacenter for today.

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