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FanPost Friday: Rank all the MLB teams, first to last

We’re starting something new at BCB!

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A new season is approaching, and with it, we here at Bleed Cubbie Blue are going to try something new for the season. Some of you are familiar with the FanPost section of the page, where you can write your own stories, share your ideas, and basically get your voice out there.

Going forward, we’re going to be giving everyone a weekly prompt to help get those creative juices flowing. We want to hear from you! If your post is especially good, it might even find its way to being featured on the front page.

Rather than ask you for a major in-depth essay for our first week, we’re going to start out with something more fun: a list.

Borrowing a great idea from our friends at Twinkie Town, we want to find out how you really feel about the other teams in baseball. With that in mind, we want your FanPost to be a list from first to last, ranking all 30 teams in MLB.

But wait, hold on, don’t start writing yet! There are a few caveats to the post we should get out of the way first.

  1. It can’t just be a list of teams. You need to give a reason for ranking each club the way you did. Write at least one sentence about every team, but the explanations can be as long as you want. Did the owner of the Reds once cut you off in a grocery store line? That’s a great reason to put them at 30. Tell us why you like some teams and dislike others.
  2. Keep it PG. We will be taking our favorite lines from each list and putting together a post showing how Cubs fans rank other clubs, so your explanations WILL be shared with our readers.
  3. The Cubs MUST be number one on your list. I mean, obviously.
  4. No ties. And all 30 clubs must be listed. If you’re stumped, start by listing your favorites at the top, and your most hated clubs at the bottom, then fill in the middle section at random.

To start your FanPost, make sure you’re logged in, then click this link and select “New FanPost” on the left, then let the creativity flow. Comments on this post will be closed to avoid having anyone post their lists here.

The most important part of this is to have fun. Friendly jabs and team rivalries are part of what makes baseball so enjoyable. We can’t wait to find out how you feel about the rest of the teams. Submissions for this FanPost will be open until March 30, but we will feature a new prompt next Friday as well.