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Wrigley Field construction update: Special aerial edition

More photos of the ballpark from above.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — Today we stand just 10 days from the opening of the 2018 baseball season, and just 11 days later, three weeks from today, the Cubs will open play at Wrigley Field against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Considerable progress is being made on the offseason work to Wrigley Field. Last week, President of Business Operations Crane Kenney told reporters that everything is on schedule for the home opener:

As for Wrigley, machinery and boards will be removed this weekend, followed by plumbing checks for irrigation issues before the field is installed.

Four of the eight new concession stands, the installation of a new elevator to the suite level and a cell phone service upgrade will be ready for the opener, Kenney said. Plus, extended netting will be tapered long the first and third base dugouts.

“Folks are nervous about opening day, but I’m here to remind everybody we’re on track,” Kenney said. “In fact, a couple of days ahead of schedule.”

The photos in the gallery above were taken Thursday, March 15. As you can see, it looks like about three-quarters of the seats that were removed were replaced as of last Thursday.

You can also get a good look at one of the new dugouts (the first-base side) in photo 4.

We’ll have another post here with some weekend photos from ground level later this morning.

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