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Wrigley Field construction update: March 18

We’re just three weeks away from the Cubs’ home opener.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — As a follow-up to today’s earlier post of aerial photos of Wrigley Field, here’s a complete set of photos BCB’s David Sameshima took Sunday, March 18.

It’s been a while since our last ground-level set of photos and significant changes have appeared around the ballpark. The Hotel Zachary appears ready to open, and the official opening date is one week from today, March 26. The hotel’s website says they are now accepting reservations for April 8 and beyond, and if you want to stay there before April 8, fill out a form on that page.

I checked the rates for what’s likely to be a high-demand weekend, July 19-22 when the Cardinals are in town. The cheapest available rate for that weekend is $384 per night, and that’s a senior rate. The Triple-A rate is $430, and a “flexible rate” prices out at $452 per night.

For the following weekend, July 27-29, when the Cubs are out of town, the rate range drops — $273 to $319 per night.

McDonald’s, which previously occupied the site of the hotel, also appears just about ready to reopen.

Some of the shrouds covering up much of the ballpark have been removed, but many remain, including around the right-field corner (photos 35-37). That corner, obviously, will have to be repaired before Opening Day. The Cubs are expecting all the equipment on the field to begin to be removed this week, and sod laid for the home opener, which is 21 days from today, April 9 against the Pirates.

There’s one more neighborhood change that will be significant. A traffic signal is being installed at the corner of Clark & Waveland. Hopefully, the city will sync up the signals at Addison, Waveland and Grace so traffic moves smoothly. Here’s where they are digging for the new signal (photo taken March 8):

David Sameshima

We hope to have more photos here next weekend.